Smart Contracts Webinar

As some of you probably know, on the 24th of November 2022, Hubert Piotrowski (Code4Tag’s CTO) in collaboration with IFR (Inicjatywa Firm Rodzinnych), delivered a webinar on SMART CONTRACTS (a subject we discussed on our blog in more detail here:  in SMEs. 

Why do we even speak of smart contracts? Well… It can’t be denied that with the development of our broadly understood digital lives, also in the area of how business is conducted, the context for digital modernisation of the way businesses are managed is getting wider. SMART CONTRACTS are one such digital solution. They come with numerous advantages not only to larger companies and institutions, but also to small and medium-sized businesses. Potentially, the biggest of these benefits, as we wrote in our previous entry, are autonomy, economy and security. In practice, smart contracts are used in many tested ways. Nonetheless, their potential can be much wider. One of the key issues for SMEs is  whether the use of smart contracts is a more advantageous alternative to more  traditional models of mutual settlements in business?

A few words about Hubert.

Hubert Piotrowski is an alumnus of the Wrocław University of Technology. He has been programming, breaking down things, repairing and modernising them for over two decades. Helps others to cross to the technological side of the force. 

His potential? 

  • over 20 years of experience in programming,
  • over 50 completed projects, 
  • working across 12 time zones from Asia to Canada
  • completed projects for brands such as Hyatt or Walmart
  • expert/mentor/CTO with potential in the following areas: python | nodejs | postgresql | mysql | c# | c/c++ | windows, linux | k8, docker | golang | PHP | LISP | and other frameworks.

Privately, he likes sliding into a diver’s suit and calming down under water. On top of that, he reads, travels, paints and tries not to lose his sanity while running  a company (Code 4 Tag). For over a month, he has been an expert/mentor and CTO for the global iNT marketing group (over 30 companies, in 20 countries, on 4 continents).

Everyone who joined Hubert during the webinar titled “The use of smart contracts in ESPs- a form of alternative mutual settlements”, which was held on Thursday, November 24, 2022, had a chance to hear him explain what smart contracts are and answer some of the most crucial questions concerning them:

  • How big is the potential of smart contracts? 
  • What other benefits may come from their implementation in enterprises? 
  • How to implement them easily? 
  • Are smart contracts a good and viable alternative to more conventional forms of mutual settlements? 

Amongst others.

Now, everyone has a chance to access the webinar recording on our YouTube channel… So, take the liberty to check the links below and tune in: