We have taken
to another level.

CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY is one of our core values and, as such, it has become the driving force behind how we see doing business and what we perceive to be ethical business. Our philosophy of conduct and goal is to equalise opportunities and equip people with the know-how and adequate tools which can encourage them to take control of their professional lives. This, in turn, may diametrically improve their life situations.

In other words, we take action where technical opportunities are low and human potential is high. Not only do we provide training but also we give the less advantaged a chance to use their potential and training to earn money. We monitor local organisations, and engage with local communities as well as individuals in remote locations around the globe, diagnose their needs and capacity to engage in different activities and delegate tasks accordingly. All of it in the spirit of working locally and thinking globally for the greater good.

Currently, we are engaged in CSR activities in Africa. Our next focal destination will be Asia.