Equinix Marketplace Community

Since November 2022, Code4Tag has been a proud member of the Equinix Marketplace community as a business partner and a reseller.

Now… What is Equinix Marketplace? Most generally, it is a B2B platform dedicated to  buyers, sellers and/or service providers which aims at facilitating business growth.

Their “strategic colocation solutions and decision-making tools” enable entrepreneurs all over the world to connect with service providers already available in their IBX data centres and/or sell services. Equinix makes this interconnectedness possible because its searchable business directory has thousands of businesses from pivotal industry sectors. Hence, “SaaS, cloud and network service providers, colocation partners, and resellers” are able to connect with business customers seeking and contacting sellers. On top of this, Equinix “generates leads from potential buyers colocated in the Equinix data centre ecosystems”. It is, thus, safe to say that all entrepreneurs need to do is to make use of the search and business analytics tools available in Equinix Marketplace to maximise their interconnectedness to other entrepreneurs.

Needless to say, all Equinix users have a number of filters at their disposal (i.e: company profile, search and connect, Service provider reports, Equinix Interconnection, Ecosystem and Interconnection Visualizer, Equinix Explorer, Matchmaker app, Matchmaker Simulator, Extras) which facilitate searches considerably.

All in all, Equinix Marketplace is, undoubtedly, a Marketplace for Enterprise Buyers as well as a Marketplace for Service Provider Sellers and we… We are very happy to be part of the venture now.

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